Puppet Node Configuration Skeleton

Published 6 years ago1 minute read
Image Credit: Tomas Castelazo

This is an environment I've found very useful to aid development of individual node configurations. By default, it spins up a CentOS 6.6 x86_64 box, with a Puppet provisioner already configured and ready to go. If you'd prefer to build on top of Debian or any other distribution that has Puppet already installed, just change the "box" reference in the configuration file config.yaml. This should make it nice and easy to test your node configurations on other operating systems. Just change the reference in the config file, then enter vagrant destroy && vagrant up in a Linux shell to test it out!

The config file can be used to configure a number of other basic box settings. Currently it supports:

  • Number of CPUs
  • Amount of RAM
  • Ports that should be mapped from the remote machine to the local one (SSH is implicit)

I may add features to this over time as I find other useful features, so it's worth merging from upstream occasionally. I'd love to hear features that you guys would like to see on it, so by all means fire me pull requests or even just feature requests on its project page on Github.