New Cryptocurrency Community Sites

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Image Credit: Unknown (if this is your work, reach out to me and I'll credit you!)

Hey folks,

It's been a while since I posted here - I've been exceptionally busy, but here's something I can post finally :-)

I just launched a set of sites for the Facebook group Cryptocurrency Collectors Club. We're based at, and have a blog and mining pool. The blog's content is written by crypto enthusiast James Clayton. The pool is based on NOMP, which pays out directly to your accounts, and means there is the minimum possible risk to mine on the pool, as there are very few funds held on the server at any one time.

At launch, the pool supports Checkcoin, Darkcoin, Startcoin v2, Syscoin and Viacoin. We chose these coins as they are some of the strongest coins to be released in the last 12 months which are committed to using pure PoW as their network security algorithm. They are all backed by serious, experienced teams, and have a bright vision for the future of cryptocurrency.

The coins are a mixture of scrypt and X11, as these are some of the most secure mining algorithms that do not require ownership of tens of thousands worth of equipment in order to just ROI never mind profit.

Happy mining, folks!

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